Educational Trails

Nature and sights in the Mikulov are introduced through several educational tourist trail: the Wine Trails, tour of the Jewish Quarter, Děvín Nature Trail and Turold Nature Trail.

The Wine Trails

Devotees of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate the ability to connect wine tasting with activities in the beautiful countryside around Pálava. There are several educational trails devoted to wine running through this small area. We are presenting the route that leads through our region.

Moravian Wine Trail

Mikulov Wine Trail

Tour of the Jewish Quarter

Tour of the Jewish Quarter contains 13 stops on a kilometer long footpath. Identified and described in detail, there are 13 houses of the former Jewish ghetto. The route leads through the town center and is connected to the hiking trails.

Significant buildings on the trail

Děvín Nature Trail

The Děvín trail runs on a 11 km long footpath designed for walking tours; time the entire route takes 4-6 hours. Děvín trail is available all year round and its markings are parallel to the tourist signage. The trail includes 15 information panels and 3 orientation maps (on the crossroads at the rest stop at Soutěska, at the top of the Soutěska gorge, and the saddle below the Děvičky castle).

The nature trail consists of three interconnected circles with a few digressions to the panels, which are located outside the main routes. It is not necessary to pass the panels in the designed order, but it is recommended to start the tour at the source in Soutěska gorge (panel 1). Through panels, visitors can get acquainted with nature and landscape, the flora and fauna of thermophilous oak woods, rocky steppes, oak-hornbeam northeastern slopes, scree woodlands, cliffs and rocky slopes, turfy and meadow steppes.

Included is also the history of the castle of Děvičky and the overall history of the local population, geological and geomorphologic structure of the Pavlov Hills and description of invasive plant species introduced into the local countryside. Ecology and the human impact on landscape and nature are mentioned on panels representing history and presence of the forestry, grasslands and their maintenance, reservations and hunting, and water resource management in the Pálava area.

Turold Nature Trail

The Turold trail length is about 300 m and includes 8 information panels. The trail is designed for walking tours and the tour of the entire route takes approximately one hour. The Turold trail is open all year round and for the most part it is identical to the access road to the cave Turold. It is recommended to use the red tourist mark, which is the most interesting.

Information panels are placed on a modified front bottom of the quarry and visitors can get acquainted with all the familiar sights of the Pálava area. The welcome panel informs about the route of the Turold trail and the history of its creation, the other panels are devoted to the characteristics of the location, geological structure of the outlier, paleontological discoveries, development and description of the cave system, animals and plants and the local archaeological finds.