Kozí hrádek (Goat's Castle)

Goat's Castle is one of the three rocky landmarks of the town of Mikulov. Following its recent redevelopment, the site is now a freely accessible recreational center.

Goat's Castle has always been involved in the control of strategic routes connecting Brno and Vienna and helped provide adequate protection. A two-floor cannon tower with gallery and loopholes was built at the top of the Goat Hill in the 15th century. Construction of the tower contributed to the improved defense technology of Mikulov, and the Mikulov chateau in particular (now rebuilt into a chateau), which thus gained an excellent defensive system, not only here but also throughout Central Europe. This late Gothic fortification with the blade has been preserved until today. Goat’s Castle thus remains an extraordinary piece of architecture belonging to the core building components of Mikulov. As a result of recent changes, the location has changed into a freely accessible recreational area.

The watchtower is currently closed.