Mikulov and Surroundings

Few natural areas offer so many possibilities for outdoor activities like Mikulov and its surroundings. The relief of the landscape is dominated by the Mikulov Hills with limestone ridge of the Pavlov Hills and Milovice forest.

Especially the rocky Pavlov Hills attract visitors with the abundance of karst features and diversity of flora and fauna. On the southern edge of the town, there is a wide valley of the Včelínka river, the largest right tributary of the Thaya. Another attraction is the extension to the Lednice-Valtice area and the Austrian part of the Pavlov Hills.

Natural and landscape value of the Mikulov region is supported by the local climate with the mildest winter and the highest number of sunny days in the Czech Republic. This makes it possible to spend your leisure time and recreation in Mikulov in almost any season.

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The Na Turoldu Cave

The Na Turoldu Cave is the largest and most important cave of the Pavlov Hills. The length of all corridors, halls and domes exceeds 1 km. The cave is special with its "Turold" decoration and is a major winter resort for bats.

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Kozí hrádek (Goat's Castle)

Goat's Castle is one of the three rocky landmarks of the town of Mikulov. Following its recent redevelopment, the site is now a freely accessible recreational center.

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Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill)

Holy Hill is another one of the most notable natural landmarks of Mikulov. For its large amounts of rare and protected species of plants and animals, the region was declared a wildlife sanctuary.

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Surroundings of the town are incorporated into the Protected Landscape Area of Pálava. This is a landscape complex of the Pavlov Hills and the valley of the Thaya river, protected since 1976, and included in the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves in 1976.

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Educational Trails

Nature and sights in the Mikulov are introduced through several educational tourist trail: the Wine Trails, tour of the Jewish Quarter, Děvín Nature Trail and Turold Nature Trail.

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Mikulov Chateau

Former Liechtenstein and later Dietrichstein castle, standing on the cliff, has been a significant landmark of Mikulov for several centuries. Originally a landlord castle was enfeoffed to the Liechtenstein family by Přemysl Otakar II. in 1249.

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Historic Square

The natural center of the city got its present during the last decades of the 16th century, moving the main square closer to the entrance to the chateau. During the first half of the 17th century, a number of Renaissance house was built; many are preserved in little altered appearance to date...

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Dietrichstein Tomb

Church of St. Anne with imitation of the Holy House of Loreto in Italy was built during the years 1623-1656 in the lower part of the Mikulov Square. On the southwest side of the church, Dietrichsteins' funeral chapel was built. In the early 18th century it received the double-towered facade designed by J.B. Fischer von Erlach.

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Church of St .Wenceslas

Church of St. Wenceslas stands in the place on the former oldest Romanesque church, whose existence is assumed as early as the late 12th century. The beginnings of the present building date to the early 15th century. Its outer appearance is the result of rearrangements in the 16th century and first half of the 17th century. Since 1625, the church has been the seat of the Collegiate Chapter.

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